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You no longer want to be alone, but also don’t want to commit yourself tightly? Then casual dating is an option to meet open-minded people and experience fun together without regrets. On casual dating portals, people meet who do not want to enter into a solid relationship but still do not want to do without sex. With our JollyRomance dating site review, you will learn whether this platform is worth your attention. 

Profile Quality4.5
Ease of Use5.0
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Short Overview

Through the best online dating portals full of real users, you can meet many interesting single women from all corners of the world. The JollyRomance dating site focuses primarily on finding a partner in Ukraine (there are also Slavic women from other countries). As the fascination of Ukrainian women inspires more and more foreign men, we have decided to take our own JollyRomance test and put the platform to the evaluation.

In our JollyRomance review, we take a close look at the platform and also ruthlessly show its strengths and weaknesses. Through our honest JollyRomance experience, you can get a first impression before registering and see what ultimately awaits you at JollyRomance dating.

Gender Ratio73% women, 27% men
GoalsNew friends, chatting, creating a family, hookups
Age Distribution25-36

What Is It?

The jolly Romance dating site is a platform that connects people worldwide. This dating website is best suited for connecting Slavic ladies with Western men. With this resource, online dating is easier than ever. Keep reading our JollyRomance review and learn more about it.

JollyRomance features

Jolly Romance Dating Site Audience

Let’s now focus on JollyRomance members. Our JollyRomance online dating experience has shown that the portal has a large number of Ukrainian women. These are ladies who are primarily interested in serious contacts. So if you want to get to know Ukrainian women, you are in good hands on JollyRomance.

It is, therefore, quite possible on the JollyRomance website to meet your own dream partner from Ukraine. You should therefore take a close look at the profiles of female members and contact the ladies who have made it into their personal selection. 

Most visited byCanada, US, Great Britain, Germany
Average age of usersLadies – 18-30, men – 40-65
Females are fromSlavic countries
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Benefits and Drawbacks of the Dating Website

JollyRomance website is a dating site that offers a safe, secure, and fun environment where you can make romantic connections. With the help of this dating platform, you can connect with other members to find love and romance using features like messages and private chats that one can use for instant communication. You can also engage in public chat rooms or use any of the interactive tools included on the site to connect with people from around the world in an entertaining way. There are some pros and cons associated with JollyRomance.


  • Great user-friendly features, easy to use and navigate. 
  • With a large member database, you can easily find your match. 
  • Lots of great features, including live chat rooms, flirting, and instant messaging.
  • The site has been around for some time, meaning it must do everything right! 


  • You’ll need to pay for a subscription if you want to view recent profiles or send messages. 
  • Some users report that the support team isn’t helpful when fixing issues with their profiles, but such reviews are not numerous.
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Registration Process

It’s easy to get started with the online dating platform (the procedure is similar to other sites). Simply follow the steps below when filling in the registration form:

  1. Create a username and password for yourself, and make sure it’s something you won’t forget.
  2. Enter your birthday, gender, height, weight, marital status, and eye color (optional). These details will help other members find you more easily when they want to chat with you. We also recommend adding an avatar photo of yourself so that people can see what you look like before they start talking to you.
  3. Choose your location and enter any interests you’d like others to know about – these can be as simple or as detailed as you like!
  4. Press the “Register” button at the bottom of this page to confirm your account creation!

As you can see, finding an eastern European woman is going to be easy. Moreover, there are even some free services that we will discuss a little later.

Profiles Quality

JollyRomance profiles are carefully crafted to personalize your experience and help you in meeting women. The company designed profiles to be as simple and straightforward as possible so that you can get right down to the nitty-gritty of what matters most: your connection with another person.

The profiles are designed around the idea of compatibility, which means the site considers all kinds of factors when matching you up with people. They know that it’s not just about looks or interests – it’s also about common goals, values, and beliefs. That’s why they want to get to know members to make sure they can find someone who is truly going to be a good fit for them.

JollyRomance members

Mobile Version

There is no JollyRomance app at the moment, but you can easily utilize the JollyRomance site instead! Given that it is well-optimized, it will be a no less nice experience. 

Search Process

There are no advanced search tools, but the search process is pretty simple here; let’s take a look. We are going to use the search filters here.

To get started, just type in what you’re looking for in the search bar and hit enter. Then, select a category that best describes your interests. If you’re looking for something specific, you can narrow down your search by selecting one of our categories below:

  • [Category 1] – A category that describes what kind of relationship you’re looking for, like “friends,” “dating,” or “sex.”
  • [Category 2] – A category that describes the characteristics of people who best match your interests, like “tall,” “short,” or “must love dogs.”
  • [Category 3] – A category that describes your location, like “London,” “New York City,” or “Paris.”

You can also browse through profiles and take a look at the experience of other members who have successfully found matches on JollyRomance!

JollyRomance search

Mistakes To Avoid

Here are several dating tips that will help you avoid the most common mistakes and make your experience maximally pleasant, ensuring further communication with a person you like.

  • Mistake #1. Inappropriate profile photo. Do not use old pictures. Also, do not upload a photo where you are in the company of friends, or you are hard to see. You should be clearly visible. And no fake pictures!
  • Mistake #2. Lots of photos of the opposite sex. Perhaps they are just friends, but the person on the internet doesn’t know that. And communicating with men/women can alert him. Therefore, limit the number of shots with the opposite sex.
  • Mistake #3. Empty account. If a person doesn’t understand who you are, they definitely won’t text you first. Try to complete your profile as much as possible and update it regularly. Remember: 80% of success is determined by your profile.
  • Mistake #4. Emphasis on “Only serious relationships.” This is especially true for girls. Such categoricalness can scare away men, even if they are also serious. If the site allows you to specify the purpose of dating, try to choose something more neutral.
  • Mistake #5. Boring hello. Many sites and dating apps offer you to come up with a welcome phrase. Try to make it interesting. For example, “Hello! It’s John!” Looks much more interesting than “Hello. My name is John”. It seems like a trifle, but there is a difference.
  • Mistake #6. Haste or, conversely, delay with a real meeting. If you rush things, you will scare the person away, and if you delay things, your feelings will gradually fade away. It is important to determine the very moment when it is time to meet live.
  • Mistake #7. Illiteracy in communication. Believe it, simple mistakes in messages can ruin everything. Of course, no one requires you to be 100% literate, but re-read what you write. Or even check all messages through special services before sending.
  • Mistake #8. False information or outright lies. Many people on the Internet try to seem better than they really are. And they often cross the line, creating a non-existent image in other people’s eyes. Think about it, do you need it? After all, sooner or later, the truth will come out. It will be embarrassing, to say the least.
  • Mistake #9. Excessive persistence and obsession. It is not necessary to write to a person every half an hour. Remember that a person has his own affairs and his own life. And it is not always convenient to answer you, especially on various trifles. Try to discuss the time when it is more convenient for both of you to communicate and when nothing will distract you.

Many of these mistakes go away with an experience. Others have to be eradicated on their own. Think about whether you allow them when using dating sites and applications. And if so, it’s time to change your approach.

JollyRomance girl profile

Messaging Features

Communication tools are another aspect to focus on. There are all the necessary tools you may need here. Website administration believes that communication is the key to relationships. So they made it easy for you to communicate with your partner, even when you’re apart. Whether you and your partner are separated by miles or just a few feet, here are some communication tools that will help you stay connected.

  1. Message scheduling: set up messages to be sent at a certain time of day or night so you can let your partner know when they can expect a message from you!
  2. Lightning-fast delivery: the proprietary algorithms ensure that messages are delivered within seconds of being sent!
  3. Chatting with friends: invite your friends into the conversation and let them know what’s going on between the two of you.
  4. Sending pictures: send pictures back and forth whenever you want!

There are also many other services; if you face difficulties using any, feel free to contact a support team.

Scam and Safety

JollyRomance legit platform is a 100% free dating site for singles in all countries around the world that offers free basic features to its registered members. This website is well known for its simplicity and ease when meeting new people online. It manages all the safety measures effectively to provide a safe environment for its users. There are filters to avoid any scams or frauds related to this website, and they also take caution while adding new profiles. To make sure that every person using this website has the same mindset as you, they provide several ways of judging the intention behind each user’s profile. With these kinds of precautions, JollyRomance can be that one-stop destination when it comes to finding an ideal match or friend online.

In case of any problems, you are welcome to contact JollyRomance: support is always here. As you already know, Jolly Romance works in different countries, no matter what search engine you use. Overall, the JollyRomance work is qualitative, given that there are both paid features and free ones.

JollyRomance like gallery

Unique Features

JollyRomance is a dating site that lets you find your next partner, no matter where they are. They have got unique features that set the site apart from other dating apps. So here are our top three favorite JollyRomance features!

  • You can use JollyRomance if you’re at home in bed or if you’re out on the town. The app tracks your location using GPS, so the administration knows exactly where you are – and your matches know it too.
  • The website makes sure everyone has a great time with the “romantic” feature: when someone likes a picture of you, a message saying something like, “That picture makes me smile” is sent. It’s just one small thing, but it makes people feel good about themselves and helps them relax around each other.
  • The site is designed for love and romance – not just hookups or sex! The administration wants people to feel comfortable talking about their feelings here because that ultimately leads to real happiness.


If you want to share a long story with your partner and complement it with media files, feel free to proceed to MailBox.


Everything is standard here: everyone knows how to write messages, right? It is one of the most basic communication tools.

Requesting a Contact

If you wish, you can ask for contact information. Please mind this feature is paid.

Pricing Politics

Whether you’re looking for a free or paid version of JollyRomance, you’ll be able to enjoy all the features you could ever want. JollyRomance cost is reasonable.

JollyRomance virtual gifts

Free Features

The free version of JollyRomance is perfect if you’re just starting out and if you don’t mind being limited to a certain number of messages per day. You’ll still get everything you need to start chatting with the people who matter most: the ability to send private messages, send photos, share your location (if you want), and even video chat! Here are free services you can use on Jolly Romance.

  • Registration and profile creation.
  • Likes.
  • Winks.
  • Searching options.
  • Request a date (if you’ve already spent 3,000 on communication with a lady).
  • Browsing profiles and photos.

Paid Services

If you want an upgrade, try the premium version. You get access to everything in the free version, plus unlimited messages and video calls. You can also create groups with friends or family members so everyone can stay connected at once—there’s no limit on how many people can join a group chat! There is a credit system and several credit packages.

JollyRomance credits

Customer Reviews 

We have also decided to include several recent JollyRomance dating site reviews for you to get a complete picture.


It is one of the best dating sites I have ever used! I can call Jolly Romance the best option to find a girl in eastern Europe and meet her in real life. It is also possible to send virtual gifts. Unfortunately, JollyRomance free credits were not given to me, but the cost of the Jolly Romance dating platform is reasonable. I like this dating service!


I am not a dating expert, but I can say for sure finding Slavic girls is easy here! Some JollyRomance reviews tell there are fake profiles, but I still decided to create my JollyRomance account. And it fully met my dating preferences! I had some problems with payment, but JollyRomance customer support helped me cope with it. Customer support is really helpful here.


There are so many eastern European girls on the JollyRomance service! Indeed, it is a good dating site! There are various communication tools that can help you build long distance relationships. It is the best dating site for me: my online status is displayed, the price is reasonable, and customer support is helpful.


There are fewer male members than female profiles, which is a plus. Every review says that finding the most compatible partners is easy here, and I agree. Upload photos, provide some contact details, and enjoy online dating! Just remember that requesting contact details of ladies is a paid option. 

3 Moves Which Work Like Magic With Slavic Women


All in all, most JollyRomance reviews say that all the services (basic search, the possibility to add many photos, the possibility to automate second and next payments, and several ways to send messages) are nice here. So, if you are looking for people with the same interests, you are welcome to utilize the services provided and find attractive women. Remember to close suspicious links and communicate with verified users only. Free registration and a nice search tool make this site a good choice. 

It is well suited for deep long distance romances.


Can I Still Edit My Jolly Romance Profile?

Most women like editing their profiles and adding new photos regularly. You can edit your profile at any time!

Is It Possible to Delete Photos and Videos From My Jolly Romance Profile?

No matter what website version you use: be it a regular or mobile version, you can delete both photos and videos, start a video chat, etc.

Is Jolly Romance a Legitimate Dating Site?

It is! But remember to be careful and never open suspicious links. JollyRomance platform provides excellent opportunities for a serious relationship.

Who Can View Your Pictures On Jolly Romance?

All validated members from your country (and from other countries) can see your public photos and start chatting with you.

Is Jolly Romance a Real Dating Site?

It is a real platform with an active female audience that can help you find compatible partners with matching personality traits or just meet new friends easily.

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