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Some things become more important and valuable to you with age. For example, in your youth, you liked to communicate with different girlfriends to get maximum pleasure. But now you understand that quality is much more important than quantity. No matter how many people you know, only a true soulmate can make you truly happy. But the problem is that searching for a charming girl with a good appearance, a great character, and a lot in common with you has been going on for more than a year. It turned out that your colleagues and other women do not think about family and marriage and how to find a gorgeous and romantic lady who will give you a lot of positive emotions. Yes, sometimes it is difficult, but do not despair – your dreams will not be crushed.

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Your ideal woman simply lives in another country. If you want to meet a charming, family-oriented girl, fall in love and build serious relationships with a modest and gentle lady, then Indonesian brides are a great option. Moreover, thanks to online dating sites, you can make your search for Indonesian mail order bride as comfortable as possible. We decided to help you save time and tell you about the amazing features of hot Indonesian brides.

indonesian mail order brides

Indonesian Brides – Who Are They?

Indonesia is a unique state located in southeast Asia. No other island state in the world is located on 17,800 islands at once. At the same time, at least half of these small areas of land are not only unsuitable for a living but have not even been awarded names. Western men know only the most famous islands – Sumatra, Bali, and Java. This is where they come to find Indonesian brides. Let’s find out more about the interesting features of Indonesian women.

Things to Know About Indonesian Brides

  • Loyal Islam. Most Indonesian women, like local men, practice Islam. But it is a very loyal form of religion. Indeed, many Indonesian women are not subject to such severe persecution by men, as seen in most Muslim countries. For example, Indonesian girls are not required to hide their faces, are not limited to freedom of movement, and can devote their lives to their favorite work. Even the spheres of business and public administration are accessible to representatives of this gender.
  • For Indonesian ladies, bars and clubs are not their favorite places of choice. They prefer to meet close friends and enjoy delicious cuisine together.
  • Indonesian beauties look after their appearance and pay much attention to their skin. They constantly groom themselves with body treatments, creams, salons, make-up, and other means. Moreover, Indonesian women have natural beauty, so they age very slowly.
  • Indonesian wives are very jealous and often follow their partner. Yes, you may have conflicts on this basis. But it’s all because Indonesian brides love you. Reciprocate them, and everything will be fine.
  • It is considered a special prestige if single Indonesian women start relationships with foreign men from western countries. Many young Indonesian ladies in their 20s will be happy to connect with 50-year-old western men.
  • Indonesian women can’t just flirt with guys or have sex. They either love you, hope for a future together, or want to benefit from the event. Keep this in mind when starting dating Indonesian brides.
  • Also, Indonesian mail order brides are ready to create a paradise for their husbands. They pamper their man, give him massages, cook food and treat him like a king.

Characteristics of an Indonesian Woman

In our review, we talk not only about the beautiful country of Indonesia but also about the important characteristics of Indonesian brides. This is important to know if you want to build a serious relationship.

Wonderful Appearance

Indonesian brides are very cute. They have Asian features – brown or green eyes, dark hair, and delicate skin. But most of all, the dazzling smile of beautiful Indonesian brides, full of optimism and cheerfulness, fascinates you. In addition, these girls love to play sports (run, do yoga, or train in the gym). Their graceful and charming figures look great in any outfit, and time has no power over their beauty. Even at 50, your Indonesian beauty will look like at 20.

indonesian women

Character and Respect for the Husband

Yes, Indonesian women are very beautiful and attract the attention of other men. But this will not be a reason for jealousy or discord in the family because these girls respect traditional family values. Indonesian women are looking for love, not momentary passion. They understand that a strong marriage is built on mutual respect and loyalty. Therefore, more Indonesian brides know how to be faithful to their husbands and take care of a wonderful atmosphere in the family. According to local customs, a woman swears to respect and support her partner even in the most difficult moment. And these are not just words – now you have a reliable partner next to you who will help you overcome any trials.

Joy and Family Happiness

Family life with an Indonesian mail order bride is like happiness because your woman knows how to respect the wishes and interests of her husband. An Indonesian bride knows how important it is to give her partner personal freedom and not infringe on her hobby. In addition, she has a soft and gentle character, so there will be no quarrels and conflicts in your family. Moreover, more Indonesian brides also understand how important it is for a man to have personal freedom. Therefore, you will feel comfortable and free. And you are very lucky if you find a wife in Indonesia. Because local women have a unique mindset, they do not like monotony or routine, and they love to dance, travel, study, and learn new information. With an Indonesian bride, it will be easy for you to progress and grow.

A House That’s Cozy

If you have chosen an Indonesian bride, then every day, you will try to get home as soon as possible because there is now order, cleanliness, and comfort. Indonesian brides know how to create real comfort and make their husbands happy. There are now pleasant dishes of Indonesian cuisine on the table, and your wife happily hugs you when they meet you. In addition, they are brought up with respect for traditional family values ​​and know that true happiness is a loving husband and cheerful children. Therefore, Indonesian mail order wives become excellent mothers capable of raising harmonious personalities.

Dating Indonesian Women

Registering on dating sites is the best way to start dating an Indonesian girl. After all, this way you will be as efficient as possible and save money on a trip to a distant country. Moreover, you can choose Indonesian brides of your dreams thanks to modern search algorithms. But we recommend that you learn more about the peculiarities of the local culture so that you can make communication with Indonesian brides as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

indonesian girls

Dating culture

Wedding rituals in different countries are in many ways not similar to one another, and the outfits of the newlyweds are also different. Such a popular white wedding dress is a symbol of marriage only in European countries and parts of America. Many Asian ladies get married at a very young age and perform the ceremony in national costumes. You need to know about this and other nuances if you decide to go on with marrying an Indonesian woman.

  • They are sewn from special fabrics. For example, the most expensive fabrics in Indonesia are used for wedding dresses – batik and exquisite lace. Batik is handmade with different designs for each pair.
  • On the girl’s head is not a common veil or wreath but a crown. If we talk about Indonesia, then in it, for example, in India and Thailand, a girl marries with symbolically painted drawings on her hands and feet.
  • One tradition in Indonesia is a three-day food and water restriction for grooms and Indonesian brides. These days, they do not wash at all, a violation of tradition that promises the newlyweds an unhappy life and infertility.
  • At the wedding ceremony, the groom sits with an Indonesian woman on a stretcher carried by members of their families. The groom does not put the traditional ring on the bride’s finger, which her mother does.

Why Indonesian Women are Dating a Foreign Men

It is worth saying that many foreign men dream of finding Indonesian girls for marriage, but why do local girls also strive for this marriage? We have already said that most Indonesian women are not harassed because of the Islamic religion (like Cambodian brides, for example). But there are other reasons here. For example, Indonesian brides are very friendly and curious. They are attracted to Western culture and the appearance of foreign men. They want to learn something new, so they are happy to start communicating with foreigners.

Also, the country has a rather low standard of living. Unfortunately, many Indonesian women live below the poverty line. Yes, this does not prevent them from having a soft and optimistic character, but it imposes some restrictions. For example, they cannot look at the world and realize their dreams. You can become a real knight in shining armor for Indonesian brides. And it will give you a huge amount of positive emotions.

Tips on how to Impress Indonesian Women

In our review, we talk not only about the important features of beautiful Indonesian women but also about their character. For example, we can suggest how to make the first impression as positive as possible. This will help give the right development to the beginning of dating Indonesian ladies.

  1. Good place for a date. Remember that you should be comfortable next to the Indonesian woman. Therefore, book a table in a restaurant with pleasant music and good food. Of course, it is best to ask your partner about preferences and book a table in her favorite cafe.
  2. Clothes. The first impression matters a lot. Trust us, Indonesian women spend a lot of time on their looks, which will look amazing. Therefore, do not wear dirty or unkempt clothes on a date. It is best to choose high-quality and stylish casual clothes from popular brands.
  3. Take a small souvenir. Such a step will show attention to her person and a desire to continue relations with Indonesian women. It is best to choose a good perfume and a beautiful bouquet.
  4. Be a good conversationalist. You must have common interests. Therefore, learn about the Indonesian woman’s attitude to issues important to you, her character, etc. Also, be sincere in your answers to her questions – harmonious relationships cannot be built on lies.
  5. Humor and smiles. Pleasant emotions are an important part of the first date. Many Indonesian girls like men with a good sense of humor. But remember – rudeness or vulgarity is unacceptable. Otherwise, the first date will be the last. Also, learn more about Indonesia and some popular phrases that will be fun for your companion.
  6. End of the evening. Remember that you are a gentleman – pay the bill for the evening. Now you can go for a walk and arrange the next date. Remember that you do not need to call the girl to your home. You are looking for an Indonesian woman for a harmonious relationship, not a one-night stand, right? If you are gallant, cheerful, and charming, you can be sure that a woman will want to see you again.
indonesian women for marriage

Indonesian Mail Order Bride Cost

There are several ways to find an Indonesian bride. The first is to go on an exciting journey across the ocean and visit exotic islands. Here you can spend an exciting vacation and chat with charming local ladies. The second method became possible thanks to modern technologies. You can register on the dating platform and start chatting with Indonesian brides online. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, but you will have to spend money in both cases. Let’s find out how much online dating and real communication with Indonesian women costs.

Online Finding Costs

Thanks to modern technology, life is getting easier. Today, many online dating websites collaborate with charming Asian women and offer their services.

Online communicationYou can choose the best and most reliable dating service, register here, and start chatting with Indonesian girls online in just a few minutes. But remember that this is a paid option on most sites. The average cost of a subscription is about $30-60 per month.
Additional optionsAlso, you can make communication with beautiful women even more enjoyable. For example, some online dating sites allow you to send gifts to beautiful Asian ladies, such as flowers or perfume. The cost of this option is about $100-200. The total costs in the first stage depend on the duration of your communication. After all, you can propose a date to an Indonesian woman you like in a week or a few months.
Offline dateNow it’s time to move on to the next stage – a date with a potential Indonesian bride. Yes, many dating sites offer this option, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. For example, all Indonesian brides must obtain a special K-1 visa for 90 days. Moreover, you will need to pay for the plane ticket, accommodation, and other expenses. Get ready to pay $2,000 for a K-1 document and the same amount for a comfortable environment for an Indonesian woman.
Marriage ceremonyThe final stage is a wedding with Indonesian brides. Yes, the cost of the ceremony depends on your preferences. But we recommend not to be greedy and make this day as memorable as possible for you and your Indonesian mail order wife. Find out more about her dreams and make this day truly happy. We recommend that you spend around $10,000.

Offline Expressions

However, you can refuse to cooperate with dating sites and go on an exotic trip to the islands of Southeast Asia. But remember that such a search for Indonesian brides comes at a cost.

  • Flight ticket. First, you have to get into the country. The cost of the flight is about $600. We recommend that you buy a ticket in advance. This will save you money;
  • Finding Indonesian women for marriage can take weeks or months, so it’s worth considering housing. Fortunately, the cost of hotels in the country is small. You can find a great room for $400 a month;
  • Also, you will go on dates with Indonesian women. Therefore, we recommend that you rent a vehicle. It’s inexpensive because a motorcycle here costs about $200 a month, and a car costs about $350;
  • The beginning of dating Indonesian women will be bright and intriguing. But you have to win the heart of exotic beauty. You will give her gifts and take her to a restaurant. Each date can cost you $40-80.

And, of course, a wedding with an Indonesian bride. We have already talked about the costs of this event. The total amount of Indonesian wife can reach $10,000-15,000. We believe this is a small price for harmonious relationships and true happiness.

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Where to Meet Women in Indonesia?

Let’s assume you don’t want to search for Indonesian brides on the site but prefer the classic dating method. In this case, you must go to this exotic country across the ocean and find the Asian woman of your dreams. We will show you the most popular Indonesian cities where you can meet Indonesian women.


A great option for those who want to meet Indonesian women quickly. After all, more than 10 million people live in the city. So your chances of meeting brides in Jakarta are high. The city is a colorful mix of Malaysian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian, and European religions and cultures. This diversity is most clearly reflected in the city’s architecture, language, and cuisine. Jakarta also boasts of having the largest mosques in the world, tall buildings, towers, and colonial buildings. We recommend you visit local restaurants and nightclubs where you can meet many charming Indonesian girls.


Here you can meet beautiful Indonesian women right on the street. This most beautiful city in Indonesia received the second name, “Kota Kembang,” which means “Flower City.” It has the largest variety of trees and flowers in Indonesia. In addition, the city boasts picturesque mountains, waterfalls, and many other natural wonders. Bandung is also known as “Paris Van Java” (Paris-on-Java) as it is Indonesia’s most fashionable city. Visit local shops and parks; perhaps this is where future Indonesian brides walk.


This is a great place to find Indonesian brides. The incomparable beaches of Bali are a paradise for surfers, tourists, and locals. This Indonesian resort offers both familiar white sand beaches and exotic black sand beaches, mainly located on the island’s northwest coast. For example, Lovina Beach is covered with black sand, formed from the Agung volcano’s cooled lava, and delightful Indonesian women walk on the white sand. In addition to beach holidays, Bali offers tourists the opportunity to explore ancient caves and pristine coral reefs, watch exotic fish, and enjoy the sea breeze. Bali is the westernmost part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It is sometimes called the island of a thousand temples because there are over 20,000 temples here. Every village has at least three main temples: Pura Puseh, Pura Desa, and Pura Dalem. All temples face Mount Agung. Uluwatu Temple is the most famous religious site in Bali.

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Well, now you know all the features of charming Asian women and how to meet Indonesian brides thanks to modern technology. It is time to move from theory to practice. Choose the best dating site and start chatting with beautiful girls online. Invite your favorite Indonesian woman on a date and find out if she is ready to become your wife. Good luck!

Questions & Answers

How to Find Indonesian Mail Order Bride?

Thanks to modern technologies, the search for an Indonesian girlfriend has become as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You can walk the path to pleasure and a serious relationship with just a few steps.

Choose Indonesian women dating site with a great reputation and a high level of security.
Sign up and complete your profile so the charming Indonesian singles can learn more about you.
Set up search filters and tell us which Indonesian girl would be perfect for you.
Now, use the program and see which Indonesian women offer the algorithm.
Start chatting with an Indonesian lady you like on a dating site and learn more about her character.
Ask an Indonesian woman on a date and find out if she is ready to become your bride.

How to Date Indonesian Women?

Let's say that you have registered on one of the Asian dating sites and started chatting with a charming Indonesian girl. Some time passed, and you decided to ask her out on a date. We give you tips on how to impress an Indonesian mail order bride.

Most Indonesian girls love surprises and gifts. Invite her to a nice restaurant and take a cute gift on a date. Flowers or a souvenir would be a great choice.
Be a good conversationalist. All Indonesian women love care and attention. You must respect her interests and outlook on life, allowing you to gain her trust.
Generosity and a good sense of humor. Indonesian mail order brides dream of a generous and cheerful man. This is a great key to the heart of Indonesian women.

Can I Buy an Indonesian Mail Order Bride?

No, because it is illegal. But your search for the perfect Indonesian bride will require using a credit card. Whether you travel to this country and meet local women or chat with Indonesian mail order brides on dating sites, you must be prepared to pay money. Also, it is worth mentioning the rules of Indonesian weddings - according to local laws, a man can marry at 19. Indonesian women can also marry at 19. But, if her parents have given their consent, the minimum age can be 16. When meeting potential Indonesian mail-order brides on dating sites, keep this in mind.

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