Belgian Women – Can You Find Happiness in This Country?

Every person should have a purpose in life. It could be a good job, a high income, a big house, etc. But what if these goals are achieved, and you still do not feel happy? It’s simple – there is no soul mate next to you who would rejoice at your successes and give positive emotions. But the problem is that finding the perfect woman for marriage is very difficult.

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Because a serious relationship is a struggle of interests and outlooks on life, your girlfriend must be smart, reasonable, and able to respect the opinion of the second half. And, of course, beauty and love are also important characteristics. The search for a soul mate has become easier and more efficient thanks to modern technology. After all, you can choose a quality dating site and find a girl in almost any country. For example, you can register on a Belgian dating site and start chatting with beautiful European ladies online. In our review, we will talk about the important features of Belgium women.

Average age of French Women on dating sites31.5 years old
Chance to meet perfect Belgian girls at matrimonial servicesHigh
Best dating services with Belgian girlsMatch, EliteSingles, PlentyOfFish
Do these sites legit and safeBest sites have licenses
SecuritySSL Protocols, Users Verification
Marriage success rate68%
Prices for creditVary from $2.99 to $179
Average cost of Belgian girls$7.200
Belgium woman

Secrets of Belgium Women’s Popularity

Belgium is the unspoken capital of Europe. It is here that the European Parliament, the European Commission, and NATO headquarters are located. This is a kingdom of lively market squares, canals, mysterious medieval castles, bell towers, and gabled houses, stalactite caves, comfortable SPA resorts, picturesque North Sea beaches, amazing chocolate, delicious Belgian waffles, and famous beer.

But the country’s greatest asset is the beautiful Belgian people you can meet on the streets of any city. Moreover, Belgian women can attract your attention at first sight. It is worth noting their bright appearance and friendly character. Belgian women are optimistic about the world and are friendly and active.

Next to a Belgian woman, it is easy to feel like a pleasant conversationalist, enjoy communication and enjoy a pleasant pastime. Moreover, Belgian women are a good option for marriage, as they are responsible and loyal partners. You can build harmonious relationships with them based on love, trust, and mutual respect.

Things to Know About a Belgian Woman

Also, your life will change a lot if you choose a Belgium woman for a serious relationship. A Belgian woman can become an excellent second half, with whom you will reach new heights of career and personal growth. Let’s talk about the features of Belgian women in our review.

Appearance and Character of Belgian Women

Did you have a case when you met a beautiful woman in the evening, but in the morning, she looked unsympathetic? Don’t worry, and pretty Belgium girls don’t have that problem. They always look amazing, thanks to their natural charm. Belgian women don’t need much makeup to be beautiful – natural grace, delicate features, and a beautiful figure make them queens at any event. Do you feel how men and women turn around after you? This is normal because next to you is a beautiful Belgian woman.

However, for an ideal relationship, it’s not enough just to choose a beautiful girl. She must share her beliefs and life values. Belgian women will be a great option because these girls can support you in difficult times and rejoice with you in success. In addition, they have an excellent education, which makes them wonderful interlocutors in any conversation. This is extremely important for family life because, with the Belgian bride, you will be interested even after many years of family life.

Traditional Family Values

Western European women take steps such as starting a family and finding a partner for a serious relationship seriously. Belgian women know how important the family is for real happiness. Moreover, these charming girls are hardworking and ambitious, so they will replenish the family budget and not be a burden for their husbands. They are independent and ambitious – their intelligence and authoritarianism allow them to build good careers and reach heights. A serious relationship with them will also be pleasant and comfortable due to their good character and loyalty. The divorce rate due to cheats is very low in marriages with Belgian women. Beautiful ladies are very hot, but their love and warmth are only for the husband. And you will be delighted because this volcano of passion is great.

Personal Progress

This is true – Belgian brides have an active life position. This applies not only to physical conditions but also to internal development. Belgian women are trying to progress and gain new knowledge. These girls will gladly share your interests and learn more about hobbies and useful things. Also, you can forget about boring family life if you choose Belgian women for relationships. But if difficult times come in your life, they will be an excellent support and help you in this case. Moreover, they will rejoice at your success; every time you return home, they will delight you with tenderness and a beautiful smile. Rest assured, Belgian women can create an atmosphere of cosiness and comfort in the house.

Belgian women

Dating Belgium Women

Western Europe is known for its advanced values ​​and attitudes toward relationships. Belgian girls are loyal to foreigners or representatives of non-traditional sexual minorities. Also, your life can change for the better and become brighter and more enjoyable if you start dating a Belgian woman. But we must remember that such relationships and courtships have some features.

Dating Culture in Belgium

We have already said that the women of Belgium have many interesting features. One of the main character traits is independence and self-confidence. Belgian women are very independent, so they are not used to traditional courtship from men. The decision to start a relationship is a rational choice.

However, you can use this to your advantage when starting a relationship with a Belgian woman. After all, every girl still wants to be desired and feel her uniqueness. You can win her heart with beautiful courtship and cute gifts. Give a Belgian woman flowers or perfume, learn more about her inner world, and be honest with your partner. This will help build a harmonious relationship with a Belgian woman.

Stereotypes About Belgian Women

We told you about the peculiarities of dating in Belgium, and now we need to talk about the stereotypes that foreigners created about Belgian women and men. In our review, we tell interesting information that may be useful to you. After all, this way, you can search for the perfect Belgian woman more convenient and easier.

  • Belgian women do not look after themselves and are unsympathetic. This is partly true. Because total feminism and emancipation have done their bad deed. Belgian ladies generally don’t use makeup and don’t try to dress like a fashion show. They prefer the casual style, which is the most comfortable for everyday life. Because of this, even beautiful Belgian girls can lose some of their charms. But we must remember that you can still find a beautiful Belgian girl on a professional dating site. That is why dating Belgian women online is the best option.
  • Belgian women are cold. International studies confirm these data. According to statistics, 54.3% of Belgian girls would rather read a book than have sex. Moreover, Belgian girls believe it is normal to change bed linen once a month. This is the opinion of 42.1% of Belgian girls. However, this is a situational approach. After all, every man can find an approach to a woman and reveal her sexuality if he has a desire. We encourage you to learn more about your Belgian woman’s preferences and make her fantasies come true. So, you can achieve harmony and mutual understanding.
  • Belgian girls don’t like sports. Some people think that Belgium is a great place for fat people. After all, local men often marry fat Belgian ladies. Moreover, local ladies prefer simple and practical clothes. Pants are number one. Skirts, if they are, of course, not extreme youth, have turned into business clothes (the exception is girls and women from religious Protestant families, they always wear skirts). Dresses are not worn at all, except in the summer in the heat. But this is a feature of the preferences of local men. Thanks to modern dating sites, you can find a slender and charming Belgian woman who will suit you best.
  • They are extremely emancipated. Yes, this is true – the desire to demonstrate their independence and be on par with men sometimes reaches the point of absurdity among Belgian women. No one can be surprised by a policewoman or a bus driver. But there were women firefighters. But remember that all Belgian girls also want to love and be loved. Therefore, tenderness, care, and understanding will help to find the key to their heart.
Belgium girls

Top Facts About Belgium Brides

Many Belgian girls are ready for relationships with foreign men. And your life will change if you start communication and serious relationships with Belgian ladies. Let’s find out what features local ladies have.

  • The Belgians are very secretive. You can communicate with a Belgian woman for a long time but still not learn a lot of important details from her personal life. For example, they dislike discussing health, financial condition, love affairs, or family. Even if you directly ask a Belgian woman about these aspects, she will not answer. Of course, this is true only for the first stage of communication. Dialogues with the inhabitants of Belgium are usually distant: they talk about travel, which they often allow themselves, about languages, of which there are three in Belgium, and also often gossip about other people. But they prefer to keep their problems to themselves.
  • Family and children are an important priority for them in life. Belgian women and men value their families and do everything so their relatives do not need anything. Men become good fathers, spend a lot of time with their wives and follow the entire period of pregnancy. The Belgian, along with his wife, will take care of the child, it is not customary for them to give parental responsibilities to only one of the spouses. The family arranges home evenings with children, all together, often visiting older relatives.
  • Local women are friendly to foreigners. There is no hostility towards visitors in their mentality. In foreigners, the Belgians appreciate an attractive and well-groomed appearance, an open soul, and a desire to devote themselves to their beloved. Many Belgian girls do not receive enough warmth and care from men. Therefore, they are attracted to communication with more emotional foreign men. Belgian girls become excellent mothers and reliable life partners. However, excessive pragmatism can negatively affect marriage with a Belgian bride.

Where Can You Meet Belgian Girls?

Of course, you can meet the Belgium girl of your dreams in any city in the country. After all, charming Belgian women live everywhere. However, we will tell you about several cities where the concentration of beautiful Belgian girls is very high.


A city that at first sight creates a feeling of unreality and magic, the beautiful capital of Belgium is Brussels. Situated on the banks of the river Senna, it surprisingly combines modern buildings and monuments in the Gothic style, castles, cathedrals, and bell towers. It will be interesting for many people to attend a meeting in the European Parliament and see live how the laws of the European Union are adopted. Also, do not forget about the city’s nightlife – here you can visit the club and chat with beautiful Belgian women. Belgian girls also like to visit parks and take long walks. Therefore, we recommend that you walk more – perhaps this is how you will be able to meet the Belgian woman of your dreams.

women of Belgium


The second largest and largest seaside city in Belgium is Antwerp. It stands on the banks of the Schelde River and the North Sea. This is one of the largest seaports in the world and the second in Europe. The favorable location for a long time gave Antwerp the status of the richest city in Northern Europe. The best diamond cutters work here. The sights, museums, and exhibitions of the city tell about the centuries-old and fascinating history of Belgium and Antwerp. It is obvious that the local women are very intelligent and have a high intellect. Yes, there are also nightclubs frequented by Belgian ladies. And this is also one of the promising places for dating.


Bruges is the most beautiful city in West Flanders, in which many picturesque narrow canals run between the colored facades of houses decorated with ornamental plants. It is called the Venice of the North because of its beautiful canals, along which ships also go. There are 54 bridges in Bruges, 12 of which are drawbridges. This city has many architectural monuments, medieval towers or bell towers, cathedrals or figures of saints at every step. Therefore, here you can admire the beautiful Belgian women and learn more about the country’s history and art monuments. This is useful information because Belgian girls love interesting and erudite men with a good sense of humor.

Summary of Belgian Girls

Well, now you know all the information you need about Belgian women. It is time to move from theory to practice. The best method to find your ideal partner is to partner with a quality Belgium dating site. It remains to register on the platform and start communicating with the Belgian lady you like. Good luck to you!

Questions & Answers

How to Communicate With Belgium Women?

Thanks to modern technologies, online communication with a Belgian girl can be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. You can exchange messages, letters, photos, and even video chat. Moreover, some sites offer the help of a professional translator. Try to find out more about her interests and outlook on life. So, you can win the sympathy of a Belgian girl and invite her on a date.

What to Expect from Belgian Woman?

Your relationship with a Belgian girl will bring new emotions into your life. You must be prepared for equality and respect your partner's interests. The main reason for the independence of Belgian girls is feminism - it appeared in Belgium a long time ago, and the locals have already gotten used to the new order. A woman in this country is in the same city as a man, and society does not impose gender standards on her. Local women rarely wear feminine dresses, style their hair, and brightly put on makeup.

What Are the Costs of Dating Belgium Women?

The best way to find the Belgian girl of your dreams is to partner with a quality dating site. But chatting with Belgian women online is often a paid option. Therefore, you must buy a premium account (the cost is $40-50). Also, you can send gifts to the Belgian girl you like - the cost is about $100. And a personal meeting with a Belgian lady can already cost more than $3,000 (visa, tickets, hotel).

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